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20000.0 ADA
2/2 Relays online
Pool Hash
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About pool

Metadata URL:
Name: Pasta Pool
Ticker: PASTA
Description: Decentralized pool in worldwide data centers with high-security standards. If you are a pasta lover, this is the place to be.

Pool stacks

Pool ID (bech32): pool1442wwr8zzdpcu8uwnglackzr3u5ggrmfxsjja0s7aef66hk2fuc
Active Epoch No: 292
Margin: 1.0%
Fixed Cost: 340.00 ADA
Pledge: 20000.0 ADA
Live Pledge: 20312.62 ADA
Reward Address: stake1uya5cga5kyth9par0rfuxzwukp6k4hgl7sftlvhkut8s36gz4u9g9
Live Saturation: 0.09
Block Forged: 8
Live Stake: 63224.45 ADA
Active Stake: 63224.445026 ADA ⬆️
Delegators: 14

Meta Hash

Hash Matches

Declare Hash: cce675d5911f7761f1c5d6c9b3b63403cb48c24772ecb8e323e5106d791abcab
Calculated Hash: cce675d5911f7761f1c5d6c9b3b63403cb48c24772ecb8e323e5106d791abcab

Relay ping results

2/2 Relays online - Status: Alive, Avg Response: 192.58ms - Status: Alive, Avg Response: 314.38ms