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30000.0 ADA
3/3 Relays online
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About pool

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Name: The h₳w₳k Pool
Ticker: HAWAK
Description: Hawak in arabic means to soar above all, and not be limited by anything. Hawak in Tagalog means to hold or grasp indefinitely.

Pool stacks

Pool ID (bech32): pool15fxktqvd92sq8plh3rjdrksumt9p8rzsayfk4akv2hng5r8ukha
Active Epoch No: 448
Margin: 5.0%
Fixed Cost: 170.00 ADA
Pledge: 30000.0 ADA
Live Pledge: 48032.37 ADA
Reward Address: stake1u8weha4j3y5l8l97rzjy2r05hrnxsf0jq6qqdgfquzquhegahey87
Live Saturation: 0.9
Block Forged: 48
Live Stake: 662428.44 ADA
Active Stake: 662287.250285 ADA ⬆️
Delegators: 27

Meta Hash

Hash Matches

Declare Hash: f06c26e560a1395007149ef13dc7301348a77f43f67ce9f504f0be571cc59e6e
Calculated Hash: f06c26e560a1395007149ef13dc7301348a77f43f67ce9f504f0be571cc59e6e

Relay ping results

3/3 Relays online - Status: Alive, Avg Response: 245.4ms - Status: Alive, Avg Response: 46.44ms - Status: Alive, Avg Response: 259.46ms