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13000.0 ADA
0/1 Relays online
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About pool

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Name: ICO Research Group (0% fee until 5m staked)
Ticker: ICORG
Description: Secure, Reliable, Committed and ready 24/7 to make Blocks. ICORG Stakepool is run in-house by professionals who drive the adoption of Cardano and add value to ADA holders.

Pool stacks

Pool ID (bech32): pool16d004c5q7k7wyf223kgct26zjcpjqql04rvnx8vtc0t5ckmnzaa
Active Epoch No: 256
Margin: 0%
Fixed Cost: 340.00 ADA
Pledge: 13000.0 ADA
Live Pledge: 7.50 ADA
Reward Address: stake1u8l8t7h8m9l9n6rklxzyggspte57vvuwjrdwmrehynrl73glh83gz
Live Saturation: 0.0
Block Forged: 36
Live Stake: 1769.82 ADA
Active Stake: 4177.648583 ADA ⬇️
Delegators: 4

Meta Hash

Hash Matches

Declare Hash: a0765e85ee35bb00d0c734b2835df80fafefd0ae0c682ce480417a12b041afe9
Calculated Hash: a0765e85ee35bb00d0c734b2835df80fafefd0ae0c682ce480417a12b041afe9

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