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180000.0 ADA
0/2 Relays online
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About pool

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Name: CastleCardano
Ticker: CASTE
Description: We make learning Cardano, Blockchain & Crypto easy, so you can be a part of the historic revolution!

Pool stacks

Pool ID (bech32): pool178j8pevk04pay4lgz29c9y52k30xql7uaj5zdsqzpa9jwkuhqn5
Active Epoch No: 297
Margin: 1.0%
Fixed Cost: 340.00 ADA
Pledge: 180000.0 ADA
Live Pledge: 199117.35 ADA
Reward Address: stake1uxukz0nplghtz5jxz6j5jpy3r4rkuvz8gz758508ccfyndc5utc5j
Live Saturation: 0.66
Block Forged: 94
Live Stake: 490519.83 ADA
Active Stake: 490519.826274 ADA ⬆️
Delegators: 24

Meta Hash

Hash Matches

Declare Hash: 5a93381afd975225f4f3dcaf318dc5cb47935f98bccadf8714225fda51b9ec9a
Calculated Hash: 5a93381afd975225f4f3dcaf318dc5cb47935f98bccadf8714225fda51b9ec9a

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